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Don't be left in the dark


We offer a


with no monthly or yearly fees!

Click on the PDF buttons for our joining forms. Then fill both of them out and send them in with your payment.

Joining Form 1
Joining Form 2

Membership fees are as follows:

$125.00 for companies with 1 to 5 drivers/employees

$175.00 for companies with 6 or more drivers/employees

5 & fewer

6 & more

The Fine Print


There is an automatic $6.50 service charge added to each transaction paid by credit card that you will see under "shipping and handling".

All monetary disputes need to be handled through PayPal.

PayPal may charge additional service fee(s).

All terms and conditions apply.

All sales are final.


Don't want to use a credit card...we also accept checks and money orders. Contact us to find out where to send your payment.

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